¿What can this App do?


All My Stuff App helps you with your home organization by taken care of the tedious labor of remembering all the details of your stuff.

Track your stuff

This Home Inventory App with its intuitive and organized interface will guide you in the task of build a home inventory taken into account how things are kept in real life.

How it works.


Create places where you can store your different elements, once located in a place create rooms to localize your stuff the same way you do in real life.


Start to add your stuff, the app will requere a category, a room and a name for the current Item although you can fill in the other details for a better experience.

Find it

As your home inventory grows you may need to relocate your stuff in other rooms or places, then you can use the move button on each element.

All My Stuff in one place.

Free Version

All you need for small inventory.

  • 2 places with 5 rooms each max.
  • Up to 35 different elements can be added.

Full Version

  • Unlimited places.
  • Unlimited rooms.
  • Customizable categories.
  • No Ads.